KR Audio 274B HP Tubes

KR Audio

$1,495.00 USD 

The KR Audio 274B HP rectifier tube is a perfect compliment to any tube amplifier’s high voltage power supply. Solidly made and very low in microphonics make this a no brainer to properly power the finest tube amplification. This latest high performance design better controls both electrical and vibrational resonances that blur imaging for greater clarity to the source.

Price is for a matched pair.

KR  Audio 274B HP Tubes General  data

Filament  specifications:  DC/AC  Voltage 5V
                                        DC/AC  Current 2A

Full-wave, Thermionic High Vacuum Rectifier Maximum Ratings

With Choke-Input Filter:
A-C Plate Voltage per Plate (RMS) 660 volts
D-C Output Current 225 ma
Minimum Input-Choke Inductance 2 henrys

With Capacitor-Input Filter:
A-C Plate Voltage per Plate (RMS) 450 volts
D-C Output Current 160 ma
Min. Total Eff. Plate-Supply Impedance per Plate 100 ohms
Input capacitor should not exceed 10 micro farads

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KR Audio power tubes are artistic perfection. Built in the former Czech Republic Philips vacuum tube manufacturing facility, which became a Tesla factory under Soviet control, KR Audio passionately crafts the most elegant, durable, sonically perfect large triode power tubes ever available. Each tube is hand crafted from the best Bohemian materials by skilled artisans to exacting perfection. With KR Audio power tubes installed in your equipment, you will have the best audio experience possible. You deserve nothing less than KR Audio tubes.

  • Patented multi-ribbon filament / cathode provide four emissive surfaces per filament, equating to 32 electrical cathodes (eight filaments x four surfaces = 32). This unique design provides far greater bass impact and fast dynamics.
  • Extreme dark plates insures high gain and maximum signal transfer.
  • All glass is hand blown and formed at the KR Audio factory from ultra durable SIMAX®, a world renowned borosilicate hard glass, creating a durable anti-resonant protective shell.
  • The polished metal bases of the 845 tubes provide excellent heat dissipation. Anti-resonant compounds are added to dissipate vibrations, reducing microphonics.
  • The white Ceramic bases of the power tubes handle extreme temperatures with ease, and anti-resonant compounds are added to dissipate vibrations, reducing microphonics and increasing clarity.
  • Gold plated pins provide an optimal surface and interface to any quality tube socket.
  • Each power tube is internally serialized, and 24kt gold leaf identifies each tube as a genuine KR Audio product.
  • Each power tube, from start to finish, requires an average of 12.8 hours of labor to construct.
  • The craftsmen at KR Audio have been building tubes for over 30 years.

KR Audio Electronics sro warranties their aftermarket tubes against defects or faults for a period of six (6) months from date of purchase from an authorized KR Audio tube retailer. Abuse or improper operation voids any warranty. This warranty covers only the replacement of the tube. This warranty does not cover shipping, duties, taxes, loss or damage of any kind.

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