Kemp QA Plug (Quantum Approach Plug)


$249.00 USD 


The basic principle comes from Quantum Resonance Technology (QRT). Inside the QA PLUG are two electronic circuits, a low frequency and a high frequency (QRT) circuit. The principle and the way it works cannot easily be explained in a few words. Put simply, the QA PLUG uses a tiny amount of energy from the mains to manipulate the energy in a room positively. In particular by the influence it has on existing electrical fields.

Electro sensible people will likely benefit from QRT too. Developed for computer monitors in the 80s by Coherent Technologies, it prevented the huge amounts of EMI/RFI they radiated. A few audio manufacturers later discovered that this technology also works well for audio/video purposes.

The best location for a QA PLUG is the mains distribution block from your A/V set. The QA PLUG is equipped with intensity control to adjust the effect to your preference. If you find the effect too strong you can also install it in a wall outlet further away from the A/V system. After installation of the QA PLUG it takes 30 to 60 minutes to achieve the best results.

  • Shunt device, no dynamic losses possible 
  • Uses Quantum Resonance Technology (QRT) 
  • Two circuits, (LF and HF) using separate power supplies 
  • Adjustable intensity 
  • Multiple QA PLUGS intensify the effect 
  • Simple ‘plug & play’ installation 
  • 110-240V 50-60Hz

Stereo Times, March 2011, Dave Allison
"...there were two consistent benefits: the first is a reduction in treble sibilance. Female vocals and cymbals are the main beneficiaries of this effect. The second improvement is an increase in the specificity and dimensionality of the instruments and (especially) voices ...the Kemp device has the same effects (or to the same degree) as the Nordost products, but the theory of operation seems to be similar, and the price is right! The Kemp QA Plug remains in my system, and is, in my opinion, a worthwhile system tweak." Read the entire review

StereoTimes, January 2009, Clement Perry
"The sonic benefits of adding the Kemp SR plug(s) into my listening space were immediate and obvious. With the RR-77 still powered up, I could easily hear greater three-dimensionality placing a single Kemp SR plug directly center, between my Sunny loudspeakers. Yes, all the accolades formerly applied to the RR-77s were applicable to the SR plug. A greater sense of air and bloom seemed to surround instruments. The acoustic space of each recording also made itself more apparent making the leap of faith of "being transported to the recording" that much more believable." Read the entire review

StereoTimes, March 2009, Dennis Parham
"In conclusion, I am in total concurrence with CP's review. I also agree with Mr. Kemps brochure that the SR Plugs "provide a richer more detailed and holographic sonic experience." Switching them out to conduct a quick A/B was very easy by simply unplugging them. Immediately, upon doing this, I noticed a less dimensional stage with images stuck more to the physical plane of my loudspeakers." Read the entire review


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