Kemp MAXiiMUS M100 Standalone


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Kemp Elektroniks' MAXiiMUS M100 Standalone is a Tachyon Field Generator that maximizes the flow of free electrons and thereby improves the efficiency of the electricity significantly. If used close to your Audio/Video system by running the power directly through the MAXiiMUS you will notice a much improved audio and video reproduction.  

Although the meter cupboard is the best place for Kemp Elektroniks' MAXiiMUS M100, this is not always possible, due to a lack of space or you live in a rental house for instance. You can still enjoy the benefits of the M100 in a version modified to install near your equipment. It is a serial unit, equipped with an IEC inlet and outlet. You should install it prior to your power distributor of your A/V set. The wooden footer plate creates a solid base for the unit, preventing it from tumbling down.

This version has been thoroughly modified, to improve an already great product. Modifications include highest quality in and outlets and OFC KE-POWER WIRE because these parts guarantee highest conductivity. The Duende Criatura rings will reduce glass ringing in the accumulators. The Gabriel-Tech Chip and Fostac HF damping sheet inside enhance the working principle of the MAXiiMUS even more.

The MAXiiMUS derives its energy from the permanent flow of electrons from nature. This flow of electrons is caused by the difference in potential between the ionosphere and the earth. The strong Tachyon field in the accumulators inside the MAXiiMUS acts as an antenna which derives electrons from this potential difference and injects them directly into the circuit. This process enhances the efficiency of the electricity, which in turn leads to less power consumption. Audio/video sets will significantly benefit from this process too!

- Audio Grade stand alone unit
- Intended for use near your audio/video set
- Easy to install between your wall outlet and your A/V power distributor
- Rhodium plated Furutech IEC inlet and outlet
- Wooden lackuered footer plate with Perfect Sound damper feet
- Gabriel-Tech GDL90 Chip + 4 Fostac HF damping sheets inside
- 8 Duende Criatura accumulator damping rings
- Maximum current 16A
- Color white (RAL 9016)
- Weight 23 kg / 48 lbs.
- Sizes 50x15.5x60 cm / 19.7x6.1x23.6" (without footer plate)

  • StereoTimes Most Wanted Component Award 2016

  • Clement Perry, The StereoTimes concluded (MAXiiMUS P16):
    "...I'm awaiting to hear from all our contributors who have placed their purchase orders with Kemp to describe their findings in the coming weeks. I, for one, have not experienced before any tweak of this magnitude at this asking price. I would compare the improvement on a par with $10,000 worth of Stein Harmonizers and Magic Stones. Easily on par with the IPCs that retail for $15,000. What the Kemp MAXiiMUS P-16 sonically packs in a small metal box has exceeded all my expectations. Ladies and gentlemen, the Kemp MAXiiMUS P-16 Shunt Conditioner is a major component masquerading as a mere tweak. An easy vote for Most Wanted Component Publisher's Choice 2016!" 
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    Greg Voth, The StereoTimes concluded (MAXiiMUS P16):
    " wasn’t until all songs had been played that CP revealed the Kemp MAXiiMUS P-16  Shunt Conditioner, pointing out one behind his right speaker (mounted 5 feet from the floor). CP confirmed that my descriptions of what I was hearing meshed nearly word for word with his own. Until this blind listening test, the most undeniably outstanding tweak I had experienced was the High End Novum PMR Resonator on a visit to the home of Dan Secula. Although CP had one staring right at me, I only noticed what a sonic impact it had when Dan adjusted it by moving it a few feet! I came away wanting one. The Kemp MAXiiMUS P-16 ranks right up there with the Novum PMR in my experience. I don’t really know how it does what it does to the electricity and air to affect sound so dynamically, I just know that I want one. The Kemp MAXiiMUS P-16Shunt Conditioner is an affordable audio wonder..."
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