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How do you recreate the magnificence of a full symphonic orchestra in a home environment? Bostjan Holc, the founder of Slovenian artisan company holbo®, is convinced that it can be done, but only with analog technology. Enter the Holbo airbearing turntable system, the culmination of over 20 years of passion and experience.

The holbo® Airbearing Turntable is designed to enhance the musical experience by removing sound pollution caused by the friction between mechanical parts. holbo® incorporates a linear tracking (tangential) airbearing tonearm and an airbearing platter. The result is crystal clear sound with natural depth and velocity that instantly transports you to the opera or concert hall. 

holbo Awards

• airbearing turntable with integral linear tracking (tangential) airbearing tonearm
• very simple to adjust and operate
• leveling the base with adjustable vibration isolation feet
• for best channel separation the tonearm must allow the settings of all angles of the stylus, easy and repeatable:
  - SRA Stylus Rake Angle
  - VTA  while playing a record
  - Azimuth angle
  - precise adjustment of the tracking force
  - (lateral) leveling tonearm to the record and tangency
• pitch control
• electronic switching between speeds (33 1/3 & 45 rpm)
• compact and stylish

– Airbearing design
– Linear Power Supply (NEW)
– DC motor
– beltdriven
– Aluminium platter 5 kg (11 lbs)
– Airbearing 2.16 kg (4.8 lbs)
Dimensions (WxDxH): 430mm x 400mm x 150mm (17 x 15.7 x 5.9 inches)
Total weight: 12 kg (27 lbs)

Linear tracking airbearing tonearm
  –  aluminium alloy/carbon
  –  effective length 163 mm
  –  effective vertical mass 7.5 g
  –  total tonearm mass 31.6 g
  – azimut
  – leveling
  – vta +/- 7 mm
Wire: high quality silver/copper litz

Power supply: 110V-240V / 50hz-60hz 2 W

- Power consumption : 10 W
- Noiseless
- Dimensions: 225mm x 147mm x 120mm (8.9 x 5.8 x 4.8)
- Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lbs)


stereonet.com Applaus Award

James Michael Hughes of Stereonet.com (February 2022) writes:
"...overall then, the new Holbo Mk II is an excellent turntable. It reproduces vinyl LPs with the sort of ease, naturalness, precision and solidity that you hear from mastertapes. At the same time, it has all the effortlessness, depth and spaciousness you only get from the finest vinyl front ends. Partner it to a suitable cartridge, and you'll hear your prized LP records reproduced stupendously well. The sound will be as good as it gets – or maybe even better!" CLICK HERE to read the review

Jason Kennedy of the-ear.net (January 2022) wrote: 
"...when it comes to untangling complex music the Holbo is remarkably adept, even the discordant Tom Waits keyboard piece Dave the Butcher made musical sense, something it never does on digital and rarely achieves with vinyl. It can also do dramatic orchestral works a real favour, the Four Seasons may be overplayed but with this degree of coherence it remains powerful and inspiring. The woody tones of original instruments adding to the realism of the experience. I also started to appreciate Abdullah Ibrahim’s latest release Solotude, this didn’t grab me initially but this combination of turntable and cartridge brought out the melodic lines a treat in what must be his warmest recording in a long time..."

The Ear.net Award

"...the latest incarnation of the Holbo Airbearing Turntable, which added a clamp to the package, is very reasonably priced for what you get, which is a fully air powered design of the sort that very few make now or ever. It’s nicely put together and well built, all it really needs is a dust cover. The fact that it tracks the vinyl in the same way as the cutting head on a mastering lathe gives it a distinct advantage and one that the results live up to, I recommend you have a listen..." CLICK HERE to read the entire review


HiFi News Outstanding Product Award

Ken Kessler of hi-finews wrote (July 2020):
"...could this stripped-down air-bearing deck with linear-tracking arm redefine the market when it comes to sound quality and ease of use at the price? ...there is no denying that getting all this tech, and so well-executed, at this price is irresistable. It's comparable to DS Audio giving you an optical cartridge at a 10th the price of its flagship. For anyone captivated by air-bearing decks and linear-tracking arms, the Holbo Airbearing combo is a gift..." CLICK HERE to read the entire review

Ken Redmond of The Audio Beatnik concluded (May 2020):
"...the Holbo is an absolute pleasure to handle and work with day in and day out. Each time you use it you know you know it is a quality component. It does what it is designed to do and it does it in a way that has you looking forward to using it each time you get ready to play an album. Its $7,900 price is about half the cost of its closest competition that offers similar features, and the Holbo will challenge many of the turntables out there that cost a LOT more. Remember, you get a complete air-bearing turntable and air-bearing tonearm system. Considering that this is a system, the price shouldn’t be a 'bridge too far' for someone who is exploring this level of performance. So after all these years of searching I have finally found a tangential arm solution that fulfills the promise I always suspected they had, AND I get an air-bearing platter as a bonus.  My vinyl listening just got a whole lot better. Yours can also. Very highly recommended!" CLICK HERE to read the entire review

Thomas Schmidt of LP Magazine wrote (May 2020):
"...the Holbo celebrates neutrality at the highest level. The depth and strength of the bass are surprisingly authoritative for a turntable in this class. Holbo's layering of the instruments is just as solidly cemented in the room - even the finest reverberations in a room are reproduced exactly. In addition, there is a very sensitive reproduction of the very high tones and extreme naturalness of the mid-range - so even demanding classical recordings become rousing events that bring the interpreters as close to the listener as one could wish for..."

Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man.com writes (March 2020):
"...it’s nice to use an air-bearing turntable that not only works and works well but doesn’t require an engineering degree to set up and yet offers a host of tweakable set-up features if needed... The Holbo’s sense of balance and neutrality means that the music speaks for itself. There’s no colour here, either. More than that, the Holbo sounds rather lovely with its upper frequency finesse and lower frequency character... The Holbo picks up information and delivers it to you ‘as is’. What more can you ask of a turntable?"
CLICK HERE to read the entire review

Christiaan Punter of HiFi-Advance concluded (February 2020):
"...it is so very neutral and even-handed and possessing of such incredible refinement and resolution that it is worth pairing with the best cartridges out there...there is no beating around the bush: the Holbo air bearing turntable offers a reference-level performance that will be hard to beat. The first contender that springs to mind is TechDAS and even this brand’s most affordable turntables are considerably more expensive than the Holbo, and they don’t come with a tonearm..."
CLICK HERE to read the entire review

Perfect 10 Award from 10Audio.com

Jerry Seigel of 10Audio.com writes (February 2020):
"...the real strength of the Holbo Turntable System is the compelling feeling of continuity and flow in the very linear and complete harmonic content of every voice and musical note. It just sounds whole with extremely high resolution right down to silence, and leading-edge clarity that defines each note as a distinct entity. There is no bass, midrange, treble in the usual, analytical sense. The entire musical spectrum is one continuous, highly transparent river of performance, drawing the listener in..."
CLICK HERE to read the entire review

STEREO SOUND ONLINE - Audio Excellence Award (October 2019):
"...the lack of localization fluctuation in the stereo sound field is solely thanks to the linear tracking arm, which may be attributed to the absence of tracking errors, such as the minimal distortion, the spatial stability of large orchestras, and so on. The benefits are great. In addition, there was something wonderful about the balance between quietness and dynamics, which is unique to this machine. Because of the simplicity of the chassis mechanism, the tonal texture is also natural and it has a casual sound impression. If you are an analog fan, this is a product with a unique world of sound that you want to experience. This is a great option especially for those who focus on stereo images..." CLICK HERE to read the entire review

6moons Blue Moon Award 2019

Marja and Henk of 6moons.com wrote (June 2019): "...in the time we spent with the Holbo Airbearing Turntable System, we really grew fond of it. It worked without any hiccups and even a pretty warped album played through without skips. Another awkward record has its hole off-center. A pivoted arm swings gently when playing this. The Holbo arm performed a far smoother left-to right move to demonstrate it superiour lack of friction from an air bearing..."

"...of course there are more air-bearing turntables on the market but very many of these look like oil rigs and their noisier compressors should be placed in another room. Condensation risk ahead! The Holbo Airbearing Turntable System to us instead had great looks of simplicity, arrived with a super-silent compressor and offered everything a vinyl lover could crave. It offered dynamics and speed to transient response that resulted in a very lifelike open sound. If a pressing was good enough, that black background was there in spades...."

"...Bostjan Holc recommended to us the Benz Micro cartridge and it proved to be a great companion indeed. Wirh a very realistic asking price for the turntable, Holbo makes it possible to source the perfect matching cartrige and not go broke. Again, we utterly enjoyed the Holbo system in every respect so the award pretty much wrote itself. As to the caption, it should be self-explanatory by now..."

CLICK HERE to read the entire review 

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