HighEnd Novum Spikes

HighEnd Novum

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The HighEnd Novum spikes - made from pure bell bronze, cast by hand, turned to it's correct size then tuned and polished - improve the sound of your speakers or subwoofer guaranteed!

Your speakers will sound more open, cleaner, better separation, tighter and more precise in the bass. Much more musical overall.

Dimensions: height 45mm, diameter 8mm (M8 thread)
Weight: 0.5oz. each 
Color: natural bronze, polished

Reiner Mueller, Germany, Dec. 2011, with "ZU Audio Essence" loudspeakers:

"...when I used the spikes made of bell bronze, the entire sound changed. Clean, crisp bass all the way down to the lowest frequencies. Crystal-clear, artifact-free highs - voices with authentic sound reproduction and presence, distinct increase in range of frequencies and greatly-improved soundstage. Clear and distinct separation of the individual instruments. Open and direct listening pleasure, even at low volume levels. Stable-leveled and clear sound, at volume levels far louder than normal listening room volume..."

"...to sum it up: With the bell bronze spike, Mr. Jungblut was able to make a product that is able to greatly improve most sound systems. These spikes provide great listening pleasure and demonstrate that it's better to improve your current system with economical tuning devices rather than to constantly purchase costly new equipment and experience the frustration that often accompanies doing that..."

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