High Fidelity Speaker Cables

High Fidelity Cables

$999.00 USD 

The Magnetic Conduction technology reacts extremely fast to both voltage and current, so your speaker receives more accurately what your amplifier outputs. The result is significantly improved audio system performance. The CT-1 Speaker Cable is now available in both Banana and Spade configurations, and a Bi-Wire version is also available.

The speaker cables product range includes 4 lines.

  • CT-1 Reveal / Price: $999/pair / 1.0m (add. 0.5m $200)
  • CT-1 / Price: $2,400/pair / 1.0m (add. 0.5m $400)
  • CT-1 Enhanced / Price: $4,200/pair / 1.0m (add. 0.5m $700)
  • CT-1 Ultimate / Price: $7,500/pair / 1.0m (add. 0.5m $900)
  • CT-1 Ultimate Reference / Price: $12,900/pair / 1.0m (add. 0.5m $900)

Jack Roberts, "Dagogo.com" Feb. 2014 (CT-1 Ultimate Reference Series): 
"...incredible as it may seem, the difference when moving up to the Ultimate Reference cables is an even more substantial improvement. To the already incredible power, scale, soundstage, transparency, tone, timbre, and harmonics of the CT-1U, the Reference adds a sense of realism and body, combined with an even more musical tone. These differences are very hard to put into words, but are very easy to hear. The reason they are so hard to put into words is I have never heard an audio system that comes close to sounding as real as mine does with these cables. Thus, I’m not sure I have the audiophile vocabulary to really describe their incredible sound..." Check out the entire review 

Bruce Kinch, "Positive Feedback Online" Aug. 2013 (CT-1 Speaker & CT-1E Phono Cable): 
"...High Fidelity Cables elevated my system to new levels of performance. They convey a soundstage that is wider, deeper, and higher than I've heard here before; they resolve tremendous low-level detail from deep bass to high treble, and are dead quiet..." - "...all this is achieved without added treble emphasis, and thus the cables can occasionally seem to lean toward the warm and rich side of the road to sonic heaven, but they get you there in style. The music flows naturally—organically is again the word that kept coming to mind—and to me that speaks to excellent timing across the frequencies..." Check out the entire review

Norm Luttbeg, "StereoTimes.com" June 2013 (CT-1 Ultimate Cables):
 "...every cable with which I have compared them sounds less precise, more muted, and perhaps musical but not real. This includes cables that have surpassed many other cables. The king of the mountain thus far is the High Fidelity CT-1 Ultimate cables. Long live the king!"  Check out the entire review

Jack Roberts, "Dagogo.com" May 2013 (CT-1 Ultimate Cables):
"...the High Fidelity Cables Ultimate made my system sound like it had doubled in power, and was more extended in both frequency extremes. The Ultimate improved my system in all the ways we talk about in audiophile land. You know, like it has more information, bigger stage, more immediacy, and so forth; but that’s not nearly all they did. The sound with the Ultimate was so full of tone, timbre, and harmonics, singers sounded more like real beings, making it easy to hear the difference from one singer to another, even from one performance to another..." Check out the entire review

Jack Roberts, "Dagogo.com" May 2013 (CT-1 & CT-1E Speaker Cables):
"...I truly feel that this cable technology is a game changer and at this point there have been a good many other people who have come to this conclusion. It’s very seldom that something comes along which allows your system to perform close to its complete potential. The High Fidelity Cables system is a remarkable example...."  Check out the entire review

Neil, "Adventures in High Fidelity Audio (UK)" April 2013 (CT-1 Interconnect):
"...the High Fidelity Cables CT-1 interconnects are a stunning revelation, are revolutionary and a major achievment - in my view - in interconnect designs..." Check out the entire review

Jack Roberts, "Dagogo.com" February 2013 (CT-1E Phono & Interconnect):
"...I guess the only area I can imagine anyone faulting these cable would be the cost: $2,800 per meter. Still, when you consider the cost of some other cables such as Audio Note Sogon, or Crystal Cable’s CrystalConnect Absolute Dream at $13,500 per meter, or Jean Labs Awakening at $11,000, or MIT’s Oracle MA-X Proline at $8495, or even Siltech Signature Empress Crown RCA at $21,000, $2,800 seems like a bargain for the best interconnects I have ever heard, by a large margin..."
Check out the entire review 

Harry Pearson, "HPSoundings.com" December 2012 (CT-1 Interconnect):
"...I don’t care about the technology, just the results. But, in this case, I have a quite real sense of how the magnetics of the design probably accelerate the speed of the electrons through the wiring and thus, into the music itself. There is more than this to be heard, including better dynamic contrasts, better channel separation (read: stage width) and a better capturing of the ambiance in which the music is taking place. This comes partly from their remarkable ability to capture the leading edge of transient attacks. The cables let you to listen more deeply and critically into the recording, that is, into what has been encoded there… These cables really do live up to their name in terms of creating the sense of "Aliveness" inherent in music itself. All of this, by the way, at a fraction of the cost of some quite highly rated competing cables. I wonder what they will come up with next?"


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