High Fidelity Waveguide Power Conditioners

High Fidelity Cables

$12,900.00 USD 

Magnetic Conduction technology treats your electrical power with as much benefit as normal audio signals.

Power conditioner featuring the patented Magnetic Conduction technology. With 8 outlets feed all your components with clean power. No power flow restrictions or dampened dynamics like many traditional power conditioners.

The High Fidelity Wave Guide Power Conditioners come in two variations.

  • Ultimate Power Conditioner / Price: $14,900 / 8 outlets
  • Ultimate Reference Helix Power Conditioner / Price: $24,900 / 8 outlets

Norm Luttbeg, StereoTimes (May 2014):
"...on many recordings one senses the broad expanse of the recording venue with the High Fidelity Magnetic Waveguide Power Filer. You almost sense that you are there. The noise level drops dramatically revealing information that heretofore I had not heard, and the leading edge is so sharp that brass, drums, and pianos now sound quite real...I once counted 27 various types AC filtering devices that I have tried, starting with a Graybar isolation transformer. The original question was whether one heard any improvement and then whether it was dynamic or not. With the High Fidelity Magnetic Waveguide power filter, my issue is how did I ever do without it. I will not be without it any longer..." Check out the entire review

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