High Fidelity MC-6 Power Distributor

High Fidelity Cables

$549.00 USD $999.00 USD

The MC-6: A magnetic approach to power

The MC-6 Magnetic Conduction Power Distribution Block with six outlets, is High Fidelity Cables' newest offering, utilizing Magnetic Conduction technology with the patented magnetic waveguide devices inside.

Preferring the cleanest, simplest, shortest signal path, High Fidelity has chosen a direct point-to-point internal wiring system using magnetic conduction technology to enhance performance of the AC signal. Traditional filtering can compromise speed, dynamics and overall clarity of your audio system. The MC-6 gets straight to the point. By adding magnetic conduction technology to your incoming power over a multitude of components you will get increased clarity, musicality, reduced noise and edginess, better dynamics, cleaner transients and have a system that produces music closer to that of the original recording.

HFC's commitment is to bring a reference level power distribution product to the market place at the lowest price possible. Use the MC-6 as a replacement for any traditional power conditioning. The introduction of this product provides the perfect entry point to bring magnetic conduction into your system. We recommend the best audiophile-grade power cable for use with MC-6.

This model provides 6 outlets. Maximum 10A@120V (5@240V)

Usable for both - 115V and 230V

All aluminum chassis, Hubble duplex outlets, Furutech IEC, US-made pure audiophile-grade "Electrolytic Tough Pitch copper", thermoplastic High Heat-resistant Nylon-coated internal wire. Non-fused - does not provide surge protection.


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