Gregitek Stab Tower 2


$4,790.00 USD 

Gregitek Stab Tower 2

The Stab Tower 2 is a three level anti-vibration racking system made of a premium quality wood isolating platforms. The lower two levels are two platforms wide and one additional platform is on the top for the source component. Manufactured from handmade ash heartwood staves and carefully chosen for tonality. A similar method is used by the best Italian piano manufacturers. Finished with six coats of transparent varnish cover the "rosso" stained platform.

There's more to the system than meets the eye - the underside of the top platform (generally used for the source component) reveals a suspended chromium plated steel disc, which is a special design only available from Gregitek. Its purpose is to dissipate vibration, and the result is astonishing. The disc serves as "dynamic damper" by reacting in the opposite phase to the vibrations entering the platform and canceling these vibrations out.

The top platform is extra isolated from the rest of the structure by Gregitek's "Planetary Balls" which is a brass encased bearing system that also counteracts horizontal vibrations.

The Stab Tower 2 is not only a spectacular piece of audio furniture, but is also a highly effective anti-vibration system that will improve the sound of any system.

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