Gregitek RG1 Cable Supports


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Gregitek RG1 Cable Supports
When current passes through a cable an electromagnetic field is generated around it that goes beyond the dimensions of the immediate area. If the cable comes in contact with the floor, not only is the electromagnetic field disturbed, but also the fluidity of the flowing current. In addition, especially on carpets, electrostatic charges will unload itself and cause deterioration of the sound, as vibration of the floor does.
The benefit of Gregitek RG1 cable support system:

  • It protects the cable from the effects of the vibrations of the floor
  • It protects the cable from electrostatic charges
  • When the cable is suspended, phase shifting, caused by EMI, can be avoided

The benefits to the sound
The sound becomes more clear and articulate, with more information and details and more realistic with better dynamics.

  • Made of massive, hand-turned wood, finished with a special anti-static varnish
  • Base: ring in chromium-plated steel, 10mm thick (to provide firm support)
  • O-ring on the bottom side to isolate the support from the floor and prevent sliding
  • Two O-rings isolate the supports and allows perfect suspension of the cables
  • Hand crafted in Italy 
  • Height: 110 mm (4.5 inch)
  • Diameter: 100 mm (4 inch)
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Color: red or black
  • available in sets of two and six

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