Chisto Easy Groove


$39.00 USD 

Cleans all types of records from LP to ancient, but lovely 78 RPM shellacs. Quick and convenient way to keep your records at its best and prolong lifespan of your cartridge. We recommend to treat even brand new records as they have MRA (mold release agent) that makes sound muddy. We included the Chisto Duster absolutely free to be used as probably the best record brush and also as cleaning activator.

Application: Spray on a record surface. Wipe/activate with Chisto Duster if desired. Wipe off counterclockwise with included ultra-fine microfiber silk (washable and reusable) until dry. Repeat on another side. Store in antistatic sleeves. Enjoy.

 What is included:
100 ml natural spray bottle
Chisto Duster aka "Fur Coat"
Ultrafine microfiber "silk" cloth (washable and reusable)

Dato' Danon Han of Mono&Stereo wrote (09/2105):

"...Chisto Easy Groove has two types: the immediate Spray and Wipe, and the Concentrate. The immediate Spray and Wipe is to be used as the name suggest. I tried it on a number of new sealed and used LPs, I found that it immediately gave a clarity and improved detail over all presentation. You will and can hear the effect..."

" for the Concentrate version, I tried it against the other liquids in hand, The Disc Doctor and MintLP, I prefer the Chisto. The Chisto does not leave a shine on the LP as the Disc Doctor will. The MintLP tends to make the cleaned LP to sound a bit veiled (to my taste). The Chisto is able to bring out more clarity and detail than the abovementioned liquids. I can hear inner detail being brought out to light. The dynamic slam is more taut and faster..."

"...of course, I realized the Chisto Liquids do not bring out what is not there in the grooves but they made me realized how much I have missed without them...enjoy!"

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