CA Electronics Ceramic Cable Isolators

CA Electronics

$77.50 USD $155.00 USD

All CA Electronics Isolators and Dampers are hand crafted and hand polished. They are made of especially chosen and improved ceramic material witch is smooth on the outside but very irregular structured on the inside.

The CA Electronics Ceramic Feet and Elevators are especially designed to absorb annoying little vibrations which just make your music sound stiff and boring. Using CA Electronics products underneath your CD-player, amplifier, any other component or cable, your music will instantly sound playful and comes to live. You will hear an instant improvement in the sound. The bass gets tight, you hear an extraordinary focus and a smooth and controlled treble.

The CA Electronics Ceramic Cable Elevators effectively damp small vibrations that influence the signal in any audio cables lying on the floor. Using Ceramic Cable Elevators prevents the occurence of microphony and eleminates micro distortion, thus leaving your sound more clear and more focused. As the Cable Elevator is made out of our specially improved ceramics, it is very electrical resistive and will effectively prevent interference from static electricity induced by carpets.

They are made out of chosen and improved ceramic material. They are smooth on the outside but very irregular structured on the inside. Vibrations in the whole frequency range are transferred to heat. In short - ideal for the job! Height is 60 mm (the XL version is 85 mm) and the diameter on the bottom is 60 mm (XL is 70 mm). They will accept thick cables with ease, while remaining completely stable.

CA Electronics Cable Isolators come in sets of two and in two sizes.

  • CA Electronics Cable Isolators / Price: $112.00 / set of two / height: 60mm
  • CA Electronics Cable Isolators XL / Price: $155.00 / set of two / height: 85mm

Matej Isak, Mono & Stereo, March 2013 (Ceramic Cable Isolators):
"...from my listening notes I could decipher those things from using CA Electronics Ceramic Cable Elevators: Tinny shifts of dynamics, a touch of more refine bass with Cowboy Junkies and Robert Plant duo with Alison Krauss and I could spot more clearly the workings of limiter in Vladimir Stefanovski - Miroslav Tadic Treta Majka guitar playing...CA Electronics Ceramic Cable Elevators works effective as a passive devices, that will let you "tune' your system and deal with the 'herbis' effect on the sound. Their basic design let both small and thick cables being elevated from the floor and are great investment for future..." 
Check out the entire review

Glen Wagenknecht,, August 2013 (Full isolation product range):
"...who should look? Think of the CA signature sound as non-feedback tube emphasis in the mid band combined with transistor razor precision. It’s an enticing marriage of tonal balance and dynamic definition for those who appreciate it. If the designer’s philosophy of intense midrange life appeals to you, these products will be on your short list..."  Check out the entire review

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