Aurorasound SP-03 Step Up Transformer for MC Cartridges


$1,990.00 USD 

Aurorasound SP-03 Step Up Transformer for MC Cartridges

The SP-03L is designed for the use with low impedance cartridges with up to 15 Ohm and the SP-03H for cartridges with 15 to 100 Ohm.

This product needs a 2-3 week factory lead-time.

 - Balanced signal transfer for MC cartridge
 - Excellent shielding from external noise influences
 - Damping with pure natural cotton
 - Shortest possible wiring for best signal transfer 
 - Rhodium plated RCA connectors
 - Real Black walnut solid wood case
 - Lundahl transformers from Sweden with Amorphous Cobalt core and Oxide free Copper wire
 - Very solid, high quality performance design

Aurorasound SP-03 Step Up Transformer for MC Cartridges
Factory lead time for the SP-03 Step Up Transformer is 2-3 weeks.

MC cartridge impedance SP-03L up to 15 Ohm / SP-03H 15 to 100 Ohm
Output load impedance MM input, 47kohm
Frequency response  10Hz to 100kHz  +/- 1dB
Gain 24dB


183 x 175 x 75 cm  1.6kg

Greg Simmons of The StereoTimes wrote (02/2018):
"...on most records played through the SP-03H acoustic basses are deep and woody; massed strings are extended and never strident; and the midrange is as natural, liquid and fully realized as I’ve heard in my system. Truly, this diminutive little box is an impressive sounding piece of gear...the Aurorasound SP-03H moving coil step up transformer has been a truly profound improvement in my analog chain, one that I’m enjoying immensely..."
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