Aurorasound PADA Power Amplifier - Showroom demo


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This 120V showroom demo unit comes with eight Telefunken EL34 replicas and a new and unused octet spare Telefunken EL34 replica tubes. The unit also comes with full warranty. 

The PADA is the leader of an innovative generation of amplifiers of state-of-the-art Hybrid design and construction, taking advantage of both the benefits of vacuum tubes, as well as transistors.  Powered by the Slovakian-made replicas of the Telefunken tubes, produced in the US factory, the PADA provides a maximum output of 43W per channel, and is compatible with speakers having an impedance of 4Ω-16Ω.


EL34 is a renowned European tube that has superb linearity in the tube connection. PADA utilizes the EL34 triode's parallel push-pull construction in order to provide 43W maximum power per channel.

The EL34s provide a tight low end and smooth mids. Known for its unique output stage, the EL34 brings new life to amplified music while retaining the historic tone that Telefunken tubes have always been known for. The EL34 tubes used in the PADA are carefully handmade in Slovakia by old-world craftsmen of Telefunken Elektroakustic.

In addition to a rigorous testing procedure, all Telefunken tubes are cryogenically treated and are subjected to an extended burn-in period to insure superior stability. The tubes are re-measured again after burn-in and again before final packaging, in order to guarantee that only the best, lowest-noise tubes are offered.

The EL34 is currently in mass production and will also be sold from Aurorasound for use in the PADA.

The output vacuum tubes can be replaced with vintage tubes without any adjustments, which allows the discerning listener to enjoy a different character in the music.

The PADA is also compatible with the KT150.

Architecture and Components

The frontend stage uses discrete transistors in order to achieve the lowest possible noise and distortion. The input stage offers genuine XLR input support. The inter-stage driver transformer is made by FineMet. The core material directs the signal path to drive the tubes in the final stage.

Two independent power regulators, one for the frontend stage and one for the final stage maintain consistence throughout the entire dynamic range - from fortissimo to pianissimo. Output transformers from Lundahl of Sweden, are constructed with vibration-free symmetrical windings, and overall non-negative feedback so that the circuit will never be affected by counter electromotive force from the speakers. The 8mm thick casings are enclosed and cannot be opened.

The high-frequency characteristics are a result of long-lasting polypropylene film capacitors, that provide excellent performance in stable frequency characteristics, as well as the silicon carbide diode power supply unit.


The PADA has a top panel made of solid 8mm thick aluminum, a wooden housing and brass isolator feet. The rear speaker terminals are made of pure copper, and are gold-plated. They are compatible with 16Ω field SP impedance from 4Ω.

Two included covers insure protection of PADA's exposed, fragile elements - a bonnet cover over the tubes and a cover over the transformers. The entire rigid chassis is constructed with non-magnetic material.

PADA on the cover page of Japan's most important HiFi magazines

Pada on the titel pageMr. Kan-ichi Shinoda (Tube Kingdome, Nov.2015) wrote: "...when an orchestra source was played, PADA filled the entire space with large-scale reproduction of sound. The definition of each musical instrument was excellent by vividly illustrating the original source. Also, on a chamber music, the refined strings and piano blended beautifully delivering high caliber ensemble sound. PADA revealed the female vocal’s stylings and it enabled visualizing its texture and even emotional ups and downs lively..."
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Mr. Osamu Takatsu (Stereo Sound, Jan.2016) wrote: " any rate, as its size is not small, one may expect tube-like bursting sound, however, it has no eccentric sound at all. PADA can be described as robust and muscular putting some meat on the bones of the presentation. It is a classic and orthodox amplifier delivering firm and faithful reproduction of the original sound. The difference between balanced and unbalanced input is minute. It delivers the same characteristic of PADA. The most attractive characteristic is well polished sound out of old analog sources..." CLICK HERE to check it out.

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