Audio Valve Challenger 400 Mono-Block Amplifiers

Audio Valve

$31,300.00 USD 

The Audio Valve CHALLENGER 400's offer you everything that the Challenger 115 and 150s offer only they act like they are on steroids and produce an astonishing 480 wpc. Even with this brute power the AudioValve 400s are smooth and can artfully handle even the most demanding musical passages that can be fed thru them. They throw a sound stageas wide as a football field and as deep as bowling alley. This is twelve tub Ferrari with after burners and auto bias regulators that epitomize the term plug-and-play. There is no need to tinker with srewdrivers to set the bias of this amplifiers, the Auto Bias Regulator does everything for you. Plug this brute in and turn it on and let the music flow as it turns you on. If only the best will do then the AudioValve Challenger 400s are for you.

The more worse the degree of efficiency of the loudspeakers, the more higher amplifier engine outputs are needed.  The best example for this are e.g. the electrostatic loudspeakers designed by the company 'Sound-Labs' from the USA. These loudspeakers, by the way one of the best in the High End Market, have a 80dB degree of efficiency, depending on the particular model.  In the worst case they bring an output of 10uF at the terminals, which shows us clearly that the charge reversal of such output dimensions is only possible with an adequate electricity of the amplifier.

The Market faces this fact with big transistor power amplifiers, but nevertheless a big number of them failures on the complex demand - not to mention the poor sound impression. This is the reason for the necessity of developing a high-power amplifier that not only handles the exisiting problems without difficulty, but also supplies an excellent sound impression.

It is well-known that tube power amplifiers match better with electrostatics and our Challenger series has proved this more than once. But now, with the Challenger 400s, we have finally rised up into the class of loudspeakers for which you usually had to search for suitable and affordable power amplifiers. Challenger 400 power amplifiers create a symbiosis of phantasy and engineering art with magnetostatics as well.

Like all bigger Audio Valve power amplifiers, the Challenger 400 uses our established PP conception which has proved himself as very reliably and stable for more than a decade. Moreover the Challenger 400 is equipped with substantial stabilization and regulation appliances (e.g. automatic bias regulation for every tube) which make this power amplifier bear up under all circumstances. No matter if you take off the loudspeaker terminals while the amplifier is working, if you bypass the pole terminals (120 Amp.) or if you install the pole terminals with 15 uF,  just inductive or even mixed up – our Challenger 400s are working absolutely stable under all loading cases and are sort of “undestroyable”.

The past has shown clearly that this unique operation in the amplifier production, developed by our house, reduces breakdowns at amplfiiers of our manufacture nearly completely.

But lets go back once again to the conception. The Challenger 400, like his smaller collegues, is built completely symmetric. It is populated with 2 banks of end tubes, each with 6 pieces and own power supplies. This amplifier uses a driver unit with a cross coupled and parallel-mirror symmetrical arrangement which is also able to generate a complementary signal at asymmetric signal input (RCA).

The high voltage capacitiy of the power supplies of an amplifier adds up to about 6000uF and delivers the power resources whenever the power amplifier needs them. "Soft -Curren Limiters make sure that all electronical parts, Elkos and tubes are  adducted to the voltage slowly when switching on the amplifier. This accounts immense for the increasing of the life expectancy of all electronical parts in the amplifier.

The technical interior is completed by visual displays like the magic eye for showing the power output level  or LEDs at the front panel which give you information about the intact voltage rati of the tube banks.

To cut a long story short – who has been searching so far for a driver unit for his most difficult loudspeakers has now found it with Challenger 400 and has basically approached his dream of accomplished listening pleasure. Forthcoming we are expecting the first press comments to our new product, probably from the USA. Whenever your time allows it, take a look at the AudioValve Homepage and inform yourself about the state of affairs and all current news.

• tubes:  2*12AU7, 1*12AX7, 1*EM 80, 12*beam power pentode KT 120
• operate:  Class-A
• power output:  450  watt sinewave, 650 watt peak
• power consumption:  800 VA (max. 2000 Watt, - Stand by mode - 200 Watt
• max. short circuit current:  100 ampere between 2 ohms terminals                
• input sensitivity: 0 dBm
• input  impedance: 2 * 47K
• output imp:   2-4-8 ohm
• connectors:   real balance XLR & RCA input - jacket
• power  bandwide with load:  3 - 45.000 hz , (8 ohm load)
• distortion: 0,3% - 100 watt, 2%  - 450 Watt
• max. cap.- load:   15 uF
• bias:   automatic biasing by AudioValve`s "ABR"  for all  power tubes
• size:    75*42*38 cm, D-H-W
• weight:    65 kg ea. mono-block
• Stand-by mode:    switchable
• music level control by magic eye,  LED amplifier functional front monitoring.

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