Audio Valve Baldur 70 Mono-Block Amplifiers

Audio Valve

$9,900.00 USD 

Audio Valve's Baldur 70, or lovingly called  Baby-Baldur, is a smaller version of it's big brother Baldur 300.

Like in all AudioValve’s larger model power-amps, our proven fully automatic bias regulator (short ABR) at the powertubes, also appears here in the power stages of BALDUR 70. This is  world wide unique and this feature is a ‘must’ for relevant tasks to stabilize the bias of the power valves and actually belongs standard into 21st century tube-technology - at least with Audio Valve!

Safety, reliability and durability are synonym for our tubeamps for over a decade! Apart from the high reliability of the outputstage, the 'Baby-Baldur' unites further interesting, typical Audio Valve’s refinements on the part of the concept. As for the powertubes, BALDUR 70 utilizes only four 6AS7G’s per  channel where BALDUR 300 uses ten 6AS7G’s per channel. (And in doing so, it’s the only world-wide power stage, using 10 tubes coupling a clean 200 Watts power-output to a damping-factor of 100!!)

The Baby-Baldur cannot compete completely with the extreme standard of Baldur 300, but gives a real run for its money, and makes a quiet worthy and certainly more inexpensive entrance possible to a true triode poweramp. And with this masterpiece one immediately recognizes the incomparable quality of a correct trimmed set of 6AS7G’s !! (75wpc)

But what makes this output stage something special? It is the sum of all consistently architected thoughts and accomplished development-steps. All electronics of the BALDUR 70 are on one enormous printed circuit board accommodated - a masterpiece of a special kind - evenly typically Audio Valve, with the advantage that all the production models of whichever Audio Valve model is exactly like its reference sample! In contrast to “hardwired” components , where the outcome varies with the construction technician..., as to often, unfortunately, the case is.  With free wiring one amplifier is hardly like the other. 

· Power supply:  100-245 Volt
· Power consumption / ch: 250 Watt
· Tubes: 4* 6AS7G, 1*ECC83, 2*ECC82, 1*6N6P or 6CG7
· Operation:  Push-Pull Class-A
· Max Output / ch: 70 Watt  (8 ohm load, 1% dist.)
· THD at rated output: 0.3% ( 50Watt/100Hz – 1KHz – 10KHz)
· Power bandwidth: 10Hz – 50KHz (8Ohm load)
· Dampingfactor:  20  (output Z= 0.4 Ohm)
· Input sensitivity: 0 dBm ( 775 mV)
· Automatic Bias Regulation: unique full automatic biasing for all powertube-triodes
· Version : Black or silver colored case and chrom or gold terminals
· Dimensions: Width 32.5 cm; Depth  38.5 cm; High 30 cm
· Weight: 16 Kg
· Dimensions with package: W: 45cm; D: 52.5 cm; H: 50cm

Ken Kessler concluded:
"...let's put this into context. Here's Kessler, with no great love for the Fatherland, raving feverishly about another Teutonic tube amp, and in under a year. While it is completely unlike the T+A, which is ultra-modern and 'lifestyle' and sexy, it represents the same sort of value - real and perceived. It will not replace the McIntosh, which edges it out in absolute dynamic contrasts, absolute quietness and sheer grunt, as well as looks. And I still have dreams of the Marantz Project T-1, the Nagras and one or two others requiring a lottery win. But, damn, the Baldur 70 is one miracle of an amplifier. 'Today Kessler, tomorrow...."
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