Audio Magic Mini Reference Gen II

Audio Magic

$1,699.00 USD 

Most line conditioners work by placing transformers or chokes in the signal path which create additional problems. These filtering methods act to slow transient response while limiting current resulting in a muddying of low frequencies. The Audio Magic conditioners are different in their design - all incorporated components and parts works outside of the signal path to condition alternating current and that's the reason it can deliver unlimited current even for the most demanding power amps without limiting dynamics and transient response.

Mini Reference Gen II
Now housed in a 1/2" acrylic cabinet giving the end user high-end performance at a modest price.

Featuring 2nd generation Pulse Gen Technology, Type 2 Liquid Air Module, Ground Disrupter Technology, 10 ga. silver conductors, Cryo Treated, MST Treated, Premium Capacitors, Hospital Grade Duplex's [4], 20 amp mini breaker. No power cord included.

Available with Liquid internal wiring ugrade and for 120V or 240V (US receptacles).

Please allow 2-3 weeks factory lead time.

12" W x 9 1/2" D x 5" T

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