Audio Magic Ground Disrupter Blue Dot Premiere

Audio Magic

$850.00 USD 

Noise riding the ground is huge and noise riding on our equipment's enclosures is very important as well. Solution... the Audio Magic Ground Disrupter. This unit simply plugs into an unused outlet and can be placed anywhere. In addition there is wire with and RCA plug connected to the box that should be connected on your preamp to an unused RCA input. This way unwanted noise can be drained directly from the chassis of your system into the BLUE DOT.

Available for 120V with US plug and 240V with EU Schuko plug.

Dave Clark, Positive Feedback Online in Issue 53 (Jan/Feb 2011):
"...when I installed the Blue Dot, the music underwent a noticeable transformation. First of all, the lower registers of Carpenter's voice filled in, and became vibrant and rich. Also, the acoustic guitar gained body, and the clarity of the instrument increased. What really stood out was the change in the location of the back up vocals. The voices were no longer laying against the face of the speaker, but have moved out a good two feet into the room."   Check out the entire review

Dave Clark from Positive Feedback Online wrote: 
"...what I hear with the Ground Disruptor is even more resolution in the sense of dimensionality (ambiance, space, and such), palpability, and overall musicality. Now this resolution is not presented in an "in your face" spot-light analytical way, no it is all quite natural and musically right."

" hear music with a stronger sense of tactile-ness, presence, and well… heck it simply sounds better. The music goes deeper (in every sense of the word) with more life and less crap."

"...images also move further towards that real-ness that we all strive for in our systems and, with Ground Disruptor, one hears these images presented with more liquidity and ease. There is even more flow and rhythmic drive than without. Very spooky, groovy nice."

"...the Ground Disruptor is quite audible in how it makes one's music just, well …superior to what it was before being disrupted" 
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