Artos Audio Moonglow Speakers in French Nut

Artos Audio

$4,490.00 USD $10,990.00 USD

This beautiful Artos Audio Moonglow is a demo pair. It was only once on display at a show and otherwise never left the showroom. It's in mint condition, no flaws or scratches and barely broken in.

The speakers come in their original boxes. Freight Service shipping costs to be determined.

The »MOONGLOW« is the entrance to the world of ARTOS AUDIO. Not just a speaker in its price range, not just an entry-level model and not just a scaled down Sunrise. The goal during the design process of the »MOONGLOW« was to create a speaker that offers extremely compact dimensions, an elegant and timeless appearance while offering outstanding sonic performance. Just another masterpiece from ARTOS AUDIO - at an affordable price level.

The Cabinet
With just 102cm (40") height and 42cm (16.5") depth the »MOONGLOW« can be regarded as a truly compact floor-standing speaker.Although it is quite difficult at this price point, the cabinets are made by the same skilled carpenters that build the cabinets for the Hurricane. The lute-shaped Air-Flow-Technology enclosure is build using our unique multi-layer construction. More than 40 exclusive veneers are available - all covered by a 10-layer high-gloss piano lacquer.  While the enormous efforts remain hidden from the eye, namely the inner structure of the cabinet, you will easily recognize the quality of the finish and the heavy WBT terminals.

The »MOONGLOW« is a sophisticated 3-way-design and offers much more than it might be expected. A 30mm Ceramic-Tweeter delivers crystal clear highs. For the midrange and the bass two 16cm ceramic drivers are in charge. All drivers are made in an exclusive graphite-coated version - the typical white Accuton drivers are available upon request. The crossover uses 1. order filters with 6 dB slope steepness only, which allows us to minimize the number of parts in the signal path. To eliminate the unavoidable resonances of the drivers and the enclosure a total of four absorber circuits are used. Needless to say that all parts are made by the renowned company Mundorf.

Offering a high-efficiency and a very linear impedance behavior the »MOONGLOW« can be driven by nearly every integrated amplifier with just Watt output power.

Technical specification

System: 3-Way Airflow-Design
Cabinet: resonance-optimized multi-layer-construction
Drivers: 1 x 1.2" ceramic tweeter
1 x 6.25" ceramic midrange
1 x 6.25" ceramic woofer
custom made by Accuton
Impedance: 5 Ohm
Efficieny: 91 dB
rec. power handling: 15 - 200 Watt @ 4 Ohm
Frequency response: 36 Hz - 28 kHz / -3 dB
Terminal: WBT Single-Wire Terminal
Crossover: hand crafted by ARTOS AUDIO using Mundorf parts
Internal wiring: PCOCC construction made by ARTOS AUDIO
Spike-System: 8mm stainless steel spikes
Dimensions: 102 x 21 x 42 cm (HxWxD)
Weight / pcs. 35 kg
40 kg incl. packaging
Finishes: real wood veneer with 10-layer high-gloss piano lacquer
10-layer piano-finish black or white


Artos Audio speakers are available in many different real-wood veneers and in black or white high gloss piano lacquer.

Classic finish included in the price:
Maple or Etimoe.

Premium finish for a surcharge of $750/pair includes:
Pearwood, Brazilian Cedar, Yewtree, Checkers Tree, European Nut, American Walnut, Tigerwood, Bubinga, Macore and Wenge.

Ultimate finish for a surcharge of $1000/pair includes:
Eucalyptus, Olive, Ambrosia Maple, Tuliptree, Satin Walnut, French Nut, Tepa, Plumtree, Paldaoe, Indian Apple, European Apple, Grenadillo, Grey Desert, Padouk, Cocobolo, Rosewood, Santos Palisander, Smoked Oak, Smoked Eucalyptus, high-gloss Black or White Piano.

 Artos Audio Classic Finishes

Artos Audio Premium Finishes

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