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$39,990.00 USD 

Jazz, Rock or Classical music - it doesn't matter whether your favorite music is stored on CD, SACD, a hard-disc-drive or the good old analog disc. It is important to maintain the balance between resolution and details on one hand and naturalness and emotions on the other hand. This balance determines the ability to listen to music or, more importantly, to experience live music! The development of the »MIRAGE« is Artos Audio´s commitment for a true, natural and emotionally touching music experience. If you listen to a pair of »MIRAGE« for the first time you will feel immediately that the music sounds “right”. To obtain this extraordinary level of naturalness, the »MIRAGE« combines innovative design aspects and lots of experience. The result is just the difference between a speaker system from Artos Audio and many others.

Together with the renowned company Accuton we designed the various drivers and the crossover for the »MIRAGE« in order to perfectly meet the requirements of the not damped Airflow-Cabinet. Four 7" ceramic Woofers are in charge to deliver a truly deep, controlled and tight bass, which is unique for the size of this speaker system. The 7" midrange driver with its 55mm Titanium Voice-Coil and a large Neodymium Magnet-System and the 1.20" ceramic tweeter – also using a Neodymium Magnet-System – underline the high level of all parts used for the »MIRAGE«.

For Perfectionists
The »MIRAGE DIAMOND« is made for just those music lovers, looking for nothing but the best while being limited by a small to medium sized listening room. The main differences are:
1. The Black-Diamond-Tweeter: The extremely low weight and the unsurpassed stiffness of the Black-Diamond membrane enable a nearly linear frequency-response of up to 100kHz.
2. The crossover: While some manufacturers simply change the tweeter (Black Diamond instead of ceramic), the »MIRAGE DIAMOND« uses a completely new designed crossover with different parts and additional circuits.
3. The internal wiring: While the Mirage uses a PCOCC internal wiring system, the »MIRAGE DIAMOND« takes advantage of the Silver-Gold-OCC wiring system that was originally designed for our reference model Hurricane.
The final step
As an option, the »MIRAGE EXTENDED« demonstrates Artos Audio's passion for music and the permanent ambition to turn a perfect speaker system to another level. The external crossover allows us to forget the limited space available inside the MIRAGE. Not only better parts made by Mundorf and Duelund find their place in these crossovers, there are NO vibrations from the drivers taking impact on the individual parts. In addition, bi-wiring, tri-wiring, bi-amping and tri-amping are possible.

Technical specification

System: 3-Way Airflow-Design
Cabinet: resonance-optimized multi-layer-construction
Drivers: 1 x 1.2" Ceramic tweeter (or 1.2" Black Diamond tweeter) 
1 x 7" Ceramic midrange
4 x 7" Ceramic woofer
custom made by Accuton
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Efficieny: 93 dB
rec. power handling: 15 - 500 Watt @ 4 Ohm
Frequency response: 28 Hz - 40 kHz (60kHz with Diamond Tweeter)/ -3 dB  
Terminal: WBT Single-Wire Terminal (Extended version: Tri-Wire)
Crossover: hand crafted by ARTOS AUDIO using Mundorf (Duelund) parts
Internal wiring: PCOCC construction made by ARTOS AUDIO
Spike-System: 8mm stainless steel spikes
Dimensions: 138 x 27 x 52 cm (HxWxD)
Weight / pcs. 70 kg
90 kg incl. packaging
Finishes: real wood veneer with 10-layer high-gloss piano lacquer
10-layer piano-finish black or white


Artos Audio speakers are available in many different real-wood veneers and in black or white high-gloss piano lacquer.

Classic finish included in the price:
Maple or Etimoe.

Premium finish for a surcharge of $1000/pair includes:
Pearwood, Brazilian Cedar, Yewtree, Checkers Tree, European Nut, American Walnut, Tigerwood, Bubinga, Macore and Wenge.

Ultimate finish for a surcharge of $1500/pair includes:
Eucalyptus, Olive, Ambrosia Maple, Tuliptree, Satin Walnut, French Nut, Tepa, Plumtree, Paldaoe, Indian Apple, European Apple, Grenadillo, Grey Desert, Padouk, Cocobolo, Rosewood, Santos Palisander, Smoked Oak, Smoked Eucalyptus, high-gloss Black or White Piano.

 Artos Audio Classic Finishes

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