Alto-Extremo Lyd II


$579.00 USD 

Alto-Extremo Lyd II

The best Non Magnetic absorber ever known. Optic, haptic and function are precised. This is one absorber that does justice to its name. It works optimally under devices and speakers . Even with more difficult floor surfaces, such as older floors or glass racks, the Lyd II is the best choice.

Set of three: US $579.-
Set of four:   US $759.-

The Lyd Technology
Lyd technology makes these absorbers very flexible. With the outer damping ring the absorber’s effect is magnified. Try the absorber with the damping ring on the device as well as on the surface itself. Try the absorber with the damping ring side to the ground and you minimize vibrations from the device and disconnect the ground. If you use the absorber with the damping ring side to the device you disconnect the device and minimize vibrations from the ground.

Alto-Extremo Lyd Technology

The self-adjusting puck compensates for uneven floor surfaces. The inner component is flexible. They can tilt to the side, if the floor is uneven. If you have an older wooden floor or a uneven tile ground, the Lyd and Exact can compensate that. That's no height adjustment.

 - 42 mm high
 - 64 mm diameter
  with M8 thread

Weight: 400g each (14 oz)

Load capacity:
 - 100 kg per absorber

Paul Rigby, The Audiopile Man (Sept. 2018):
"...the Alto Extremo Lyd II Isolation feet provide a low noise enhancement to any hi-fi component in your hi-fi chain, giving sense of accuracy to both vocals and instruments, preventing the boundaries of both from becoming ragged and smearing over the soundstage like ink on blotting paper. A essential part of your noise-tackling toolkit..." CLICK HERE to read the entire review

Alto-Exteremo Absober Chart

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