Alto-Extremo Classic set/3 - demo units


$249.00 USD $469.00 USD

Several sets from the demo available. All sets are in mint/excellent condition in original wooden box.

The Classic (formerly known as Fat-Boy) is an absorber that can be used underneath any device and is especially effective for tube-devices. The body is made of stainless steel and the puck of Delrin. Between the puck and the body there is an extra large ball made of bronze. Thanks to this unique design and optimized platform the Classic provides better absorption and can be used with racks with glass or stone bases.

Retail Prices for a set of three is US $469.-

 - 43 mm high
 - 64 mm diameter

Weight: 700g each (1.5 lbs)

Load capacity:
 - 50 kg per absorber

Alto-Exteremo Absober Chart

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