High Fidelity Cables

High Fidelity Cables
a company in Plano, Texas and was founded by former owner of Virtual Dynamics Cables, Rick Schultz. High Fidelity offers a new exciting range of audio cables featuring greater clarity and lower distortion. High Fidelity Cables are a brand new development which employ magnetized conductors and connectors with amazing results.

Magnetic Conduction is a patented method for signal transfer (U.S. Pat. No. 8,272,876). The technology was developed by Magnetic Innovations LLC. As implemented by High Fidelity it uniquely offers a magnetic as well as electrically conductive pathway for signal transfer.

Creating Magnetic Force in the Conductor
To appreciate the impact of Magnetic Conduction technology, it is important to understand that an electrical signal is always accompanied by a magnetic field. It is the use of the magnetic element of signal transfer that makes the CT-1 fundamentally different as a conductor technology. Magnetic Conduction maximizes the magnetic as well as the electrical force.

An electrical signal is strongly motivated to follow a magnetic field, as demonstrated by experiments in which electricity/plasma is attracted or repelled by magnetic fields. High Fidelity's "Magnetic Mapping" process is used to "align' magnetic poles at each end of the cable in a proprietary and directed way so as to "draw" the electrical signal through the conductor. In effect, High Fidelity uses magnetism to keep the electrical signal flow aligned and to minimize the random pathways for electrons within and along the conductor. In the CT-1, the entire cable is directionally magnetized to promote signal transfer where resistance to the signal is highest and where the greatest losses can take place.

The Results
Once a CT-1 interconnect has been placed into a system, an organized magnetic field resides along the cable to help guide the signal. Once the signal leaves the CT-1, it maintains a magnetic property for a significant distance before randomization occurs as electrons rebound in and around ionic cores of the electrical pathway. Installing a second or third CT-1 in the signal path further enhances the magnetic attraction and helps to pull the signal through the audio system, as each CT-1 will magnetically map a signal path and maintain non-random signal transmission through the system.

Factory lead time for the CT-1 and CT-1 Enhanced series is 2-5 days, 8-10 days for the CT-1 Ultimate and 14-21 days for the CT-1 Ultimate Reference  series.


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