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Audio Valve

Audio Valve is a German company founded by Helmut Becker. It's a family business. His wife, Mrs. Heike Becker, handles sales, customer relations and technical queries (yes - she's an electrical engineer). All Audio Valve products are hand-made in Kassel, Germany.

Helmut Becker was born in Hessen, Germany where he also went to school. His father and mother ran a small electronics business there which caused him to become interested in tube technology. He developed a passion for tube technology which captivated him his whole life and led him to be active in many branches of technology.

The figure of a gifted, visionary and tenacious engineer and inventor can be seen throughout his work. He and his products are the result of 50 years experience with tubes, tube amps and electrical engineering.

Audio Valve products

1982 brought Helmut Becker's first patented project, the RKV. He began developing semi-conductor-based products for audiophiles. The principles of this circuit design can still be found today in Audio Valve's RKV 2 and RKV 3 products. Thanks to his history, Audio Valve's products implement a symbiosis between several generations of electronics and electrical engineering. Helmut Becker holds about 15 patents so far.

Audio Valve recently moved to a new facility in Kassel, a beautiful city in the heart of Germany, steeped in history. Founded by the Romans - Napoleon was imprisoned in the Castle of Williamshoehe. Later on the Grimm Brothers lived there, collecting and writing their world-famous fairy tales.

Helmut Becker continues to work to this day with interminable ambition, serving the audiophile community all over the world by producing world-class Audio Valve products. CLICK HERE to see a photo gallery of many Audio Valve systems.

Audio Valve's factory lead time is around 3-4 weeks. We will have one of each Audio Valve products in our showroom for demo. Call or email for an appointment or to order for an In-Home Audition. Dealer inquiries welcome.

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