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Artos Audio

ARTOS Audio, a company from Krefeld Germany, manufactures timeless, very elegant looking and fantastically finished speakers in the tradition of German craftsmanship combined with innovative leading-edge engineering.

ARTOS Audio loudspeakers are time-coherent with outstanding precision, very open and natural-sounding with impressive soundstage, super fast and dynamic with lifelike realism and spectacular bass control.


Music is part of our culture, part of our lives. Everyone who loves music knows about the wide range of feelings and emotions that can be triggered by music. Music keeps memories alive and gives us those precious moments of happiness and satisfaction. Playing music through a HiFi-system - no matter what quality it is - can never substitute attending a concert, because the emotional touch of a live performance is most often lost during the recording session, the mixing procedure in the recording studio, or the following "conservation" on the musical media. ARTOS Audio strives to bring the listener as close as possible to the emotional experience of a live performance.


The primary goal is to create tonally balanced and a neutral speaker systems, that allow the listener to be as close to the original recording as possible. While the overall performance of the speaker systems is the major focus, ARTOS Audio follows a clear philosophy with regard to physical properties and relevant measurable parameters. The shape of ARTOS speakers is dictated by the air-flow-optimized properties of the entire construction - form follows function rather than vice versa. The timeless and elegant appearance is a welcome side effect.


The foundation and basis for the excellent performance of ARTOS speakers is the cabinet. All cabinets are optimized to keep resonance effects as low as possible, while using the energy radiated into the cabinet instead of absorbing it. The shape of the cabinets and their internal construction allows optimal air-flow efficiency while keeping resonances at a minimum, which makes any damping materials inside the cabinets unnecessary.

After long hours of listening, measuring and experimenting with many different materials ARTOS decided on three types of wood. Birch, Beech and Maple are the woods used to manufacture the cabinets. Eleven layers of different kinds of wood are pressed into shape for the side walls, while the front baffle uses a massive and solid piece of beech wood. The extreme stiffness and resonance properties of the cabinets avoid the typical "wooden" sound found in less elaborate constructions. Placing the highest demands on development turns even the smallest detail into a time- and cost-intensive project.

The manufacturing process of the cabinets for a pair of the smallest loudspeakers requires 100 man hours. First, the side panels are pressed into shape. After this, the CNC-machined front baffle and the rear Air-Flow panel are mounted to the side panels using numerous internal braces. Next, the cabinet is sealed and lacquered inside using a special instrument varnish.

All drivers are custom-made, Air-flow optimized highest grade ceramic drivers from the German manufacturer Accuton. The crossover network uses only top quality high-grade matched-pair premium capacitors, oxygen-free copper-foil coils and metal-oxide resistors made by Mundorf and Duelund. The internal cabling is handmade by Heavens Gate Audio of Germany. The single wire terminal uses the top WBT-Germany platinum binding posts.


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