Synergistic Research NOVEMBER SPECIAL on the BLACK BOX Low Frequency Resonator

Synergistic Research Black Box Low Frequency Resonator
Buy a Black Box Low Frequency Resonator ($1995.00 MSRP) and receive either a Free 10 pack of HFT's ($499.00 value) OR 2 Free 3-packs of MiG 2.0 ($498.00 value) - Save $500!

Deep space meet deep bass.
There is no other compact acoustic treatment device that you can place in your listening room to solve your low frequency problems except the Synergistic Research Black Box. Based on the award-winning and patented sympathetic resonance technology, the Black Box is an (all in one) Broad Spectrum Low-Frequency Resonator Array with UEF Tech that effectively eliminates bass nodes while expanding your room’s ability to accurately portray low frequency information and spacial content.

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